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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  August 13, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> a candid honest discussion of race. >> those like me who believe in personal responsibility and self-reliance. >> a landmark decision on the stop and frisk practice. >> we go to where the reports of crime are. >> i've experienced it all over the world. >> core neighborhoods and minority neighborhoods. >> politicians don't care enough about the issues to be honest. >> and young african-american men disproportionately have involvement in criminal activities. >> the left claims the mind of every young person of color. >> black male offenders have received sentences nearly 20% longer. it is shameful. >> anyone who says that racial discrimination is no longer a problem in american elections. >> they're more interested in divisive politics. >> -- must not be paying attention. >> everybody should be treated fairly and the system should work for everyone. ♪ >> it started with the supreme
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court and it's now spreading across the nation. and with voting rights coming under fresh assault, a gathering movement to defend them is taking shape with a certain top democrat tackling the issue head on. >> in the weeks since the ruling, we've seen an unseemly rush by previously covered jurisdictions to enact or enforce laws that will make it harder for millions of our fellow americans to vote. legislators in north carolina have pushed through a bill that reads like the greatest hits of voter suppression. >> mrs. clinton there referring to one of the toughest voting measures in the country just signed into law monday by north carolina governor pat mccrory that requires voters to bring photo i.d. to the polls, cuts down early voting time, eliminates same day voter registration, and bans preregistration for young voter hozzle touch 18 by election day. with the naacp and aclu already
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filing suit to challenge the law, governor mccror ril stood firm taking his defense of the law straight out into the lion's den of youtube. >> let me be direct. many of those from the extreme left who have been criticizing photo i.d. are using scare tactics. they're more interested in divisive politics than ensuring that no one's vote is disenfranchised by a fraud leapt ballot. >> yes, those famous fraudulent ballots, never mind among the nearly 7 million ballots cast in north carolina last year, there were only 121 cases of potential voter fraud, less than 100th of 1%. as mrs. clinton said, it's a phantom epidemic but one that's harva hardly limited to a sickle state. the aclu will sue kansas over a
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similar voter i.d. measure and so continues a state by state fight for the right to vote. joining us now is msnbc contributor joy reid who is managing editor of the and in tallahassee, philip agnew, executive director of the dream defenders. thank you so much for joining us, both of you. joy, we know that 70% of black voters who cast ballots in 2012 voted early. in north carolina, that's in 2012, african-americans made up 29% of early voters. 41% of those who used same day registration and 34% of those without state issue i.d. of course, these facts have nothing whatsoever to do with republican efforts to target the phantom fraud of voter fraud. >> absolutely. in the state where philip is in florida, there have been typically in statewide elections where democrats will literally win the early vote if you cut it
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off at early vote, republicans make up the ground on election day because african-american voters and young voters take advantage of early voting because it doesn't restrict you to a tuesday. particularly for low income voters and younger people in school. >> it makes perfect sense. >> you can vote on saturday or sunday. that's why it's so attractive to voter who's these republican governors are trying to make it that much more difficulty because they understand younger voters african-american voters tend to vote for democrats. >> there's no doubt in your mind this is intentional and targeted. >> no, because the laws do something very specific. they cut off the sunday before elections which anyone who's ever work fod are two days in politics understands is the day that black churches is target for souls to the polls. the way -- putting people on church buts to vote. but it so happens that the policies that republicans are putting forth are not attractive to young voters and minority
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voters. that isn't the fault of the voters but they're being punished. >> philip, you're leading the dream defenders who have been camped outside the governor's office in florida demanding social justice in the wake of the zimmerman verdict. how are voting rights a part of the effort that you're leading there? >> dr. king called voting the foundation stone for all political action. so what we saw in recent years as it was going on in north carolina, the same is going on in florida. and it's a systemic strategic move by many in power to limit the votes of millions of youth, black people, people of color in the state. and we've got 1.2 million people who are disenfranchised here. so the system isn't broken. it's design this had way. it has been for a long time to limit those votes to ensure that young people and people of color have no say over their future in the state of florida. >> mr. agnew, i thought that robert mugabe was the one who
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cheated elections. these republican governors are much worse than robert mugabe, aren't they? >> i would say so. i would even go so far as to say it's in the best interests of many on both sides of the aisle not to have people who are affected disproportionately by many of the laws that are passed, be able to vote and be able to voice theirselves and interests in the ballot. soemt you seep it in florida. governor rick scott just began another series of purging of the voting roles. it's all strategic. it's all meant to limit the power of young people. we have a veneration of people criminalize. once you have a felony in the state of florida, have you no voice for the rest of your life. >> the reverend william barber in north carolina said it is trampling on the blood, sweat and tears of the martyrs, black and white who fought for voting
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rights in this country. isn't the governor mccror ril simply writing off with a stroke of a pen 30 years of progress? >> 30 years of progress and the basic ma jurortarian impulse that underpins democracy. the idea that majority should rule seems fundamental. a lot of laws that seem to section off the vote and try to make it more difficult for these people to vote is this john calhoun spirit running through the republican party which says that we can pass on popular legislation and we can make it impossible for a true ma junior the jort to oppose us because we'll make it hard for you to vote us out. at the same time that mccrory is signing this law, which by the way gets rid of a civics class. it gets rid of a civics class. >> young people engaging them in the process and says. >> we don't want them to know voting is a good idea. this notion what they can do is pass laws and section it off so
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that i an certain class of voter based on age, based on demographics, it's easier for them to vote because you vote for my party. there's something anti-democratic fundamentally about that. >> mr. agnew, that sounds worse than anti-democratic to me. that sounds criminal. >>. >> did doit does. a lot of unchecked criminal activity from a lot of our governments and i think this is a clear indication after the supreme court ruling left the door open for many states to move forward with their voter suppression laws and their desire to suppress the votes of those that are not their constituency is that young people, people of color, poor people need once again as they did 40 years ago to stand up for their fundamental right to be citizens and fully regarded as so by their governor. it is criminal, but the only way we can hold them accountable is if we stand up do, what we're doing in florida, do what they're doing every monday in north carolina, do what's going on in ohio and wisconsin and
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stand up for your voting rights. >> joy, does it seem extraordinary to you that at a moment when we're about to mark the march on washington, such a historic moment, dr. martin luther king's letter from birmingham jail which was so influential in its content, does it not seem extraordinary to you, the reality is we're having to watch governors do something that is the direct opposite of what those fighters for civil rights fought for? >> yeah, and martin, more than that, i think it's to the everlasting shame of the five-member conservative majority rt to include clarence thomas whose family would have been targeted for just such an effort where he is from, for them 50 years after the march on washington to gut the voting rights act, to say that 50 years after people marched and indict for the right to vote in this country, we don't need that anymore and to hope the flood
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gates which were immediately is followed by a response from southern states within hours, texas, north carolina immediately moved to restrict the right to vote. no shame about it. i think it is to the shame of the supreme court's conservative majority. it is to the shame of these governors in these states that the 50 years on as we're about to celebrate the anniversary of this march which was the fundamental right to vote for americans for the american people which isn't in the constitution and should be. 50 years on to strip that away is shameful. it is to the everlasting shame of that court. >> final word to you, mr. agnew. shameful? is. >> absolutely. and just last week, in response to that, the dream defenders announced our intentions to register 61,0005850 voters here in florida, the lgbtq, the black is, the brown, the poor around the state. we'll meet them whenever they are. what would be more shameful is if we didn't make sure that governors like the one we have, politicians like the ones we
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have on both sides of the aisle aren't held accountable for either supporting this or standing aside while our voting rights and our basic rights as citizens are being rolled back. so we're looking forward to 2014 and to this fight and we're in it for the long haul. >> here here,ing thank you for your commitment. joy reid, managing editor of the, thank you. coming up, may the irs scandal finally rest in peace? our next guest pays his respects to the controversy that wasn't and the fire starter who kept it alive. [ dad ] so i walked into that dealer's office and you know what i walked out with? [ slurps ] [ dad ] a new passat. [ dad ] 0% apr. 60 months. done and done. [ dad ] in that driveway, is a german-engineered piece of awesome. that i got for 0% apr. good one, dad. thank you, dalton. [ male announcer ] it's the car you won't stop talking about. ever.
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two congressmen have written a blistering op-ed in the pages
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of the "washington post" today deeply critical of the partisan point scoring and smear mongering of the house's oversight committee chair mr. darrell maserati issa. in it, they chronicle his repeated attempts to inject politics into is the discussion of how the irs chose to police non-profits that appeared to have a particular political agenda. they write, house oversight committee chairman darrell issa led the charge, alleging this was the targeting of the president's political enmyself. other republicans followed suit, citing the enemies list out of the white house and arguing that president obama doesn't have clean hands. joining us now is one of the co-authors of that piece, democratic congressman elijah cummings of maryland. good afternoon, sir. >> good afternoon. >> there have been so many instances of mr. issa's outright lies and deceit, not just over the course of this scandal, but
1:16 pm
also the feigned is controversies over benghazi, over fast and furious involving the attorney general. what will motivated yourself and congressman sander levin to pen this piece now? >> well, we realize that the republicans were going into their town hall meetings and basically using the irs issue to basically attack the president and attack democrats and attack the irs. and our position has been let's get to the truth. we wanted to make sure the truth was out and that truth is there has not been one scintilla of evidence, martin, that says that the president had anything to doing with the irs selection of these files and that there was no political motivation. and by the way, elijah cummings didn't say that. the witnesses that darrell issa called to be interviewed said that. >> of course. but congressman, mr. issa knew
1:17 pm
that because he read the transcripts and deliberately provided only excerpts so that the deceit could continue in the public arena. that was why he did it. >> and that's why keep in mind, i mean, till this moment, martin, chairman issa still has not talked about or mentioned to my knowledge, the republicans self-proclaimed conservative republican who said that it was his idea to even look with scrutiny at these applications. now, this is another thing that's going on here, too. i hear a lot of criticism about the what has happened with regard to conservatives. and when i first heard about this, martin, an irs selecting these files, these conservative files, i was outraged. but i'm also, it's interesting you don't hear this when it comes to progressive be files. in other words, i'm concerned
1:18 pm
about progressives and conservatives being treated fairly. and we don't hear that same outrage coming from the other side. but clearly, this has been an effort to connect the president to this and again, there is absolutely not one scintilla of evidence. that's basically what we were trying to say. >> let me play something mr. issa has said about you personally and your defense of the administration shortly before the august recess. take a listen to this. >> sure. >> mr. cummings is part of the administration in this case. he is systematically trying to help them. they give him relations, small amounts of relations that help his position. >> so there you are, sir. it's not just a conspiracy involving the white house and progressives. it's now conspiracy involving you personally and you just heard that from your chairman. >> yeah. i think it's very unfortunate. >> very unfortunate?
1:19 pm
i'm afraid you're going to have to find stronger language than that, sir, or i'll have to help. >> you let me be clear. i have said to chairman issa, let's go after the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. and reveal everything. and everything. and i'm not afraid of the truth. i don't hide information over here and present just the facts that i think are suitable for my side over here. no, you don't do that. give us the whole truth because that's what reform is all about. i'm not going to -- if he wants to say those things, that's fine. and i think sometimes when the truth is presented, he may not know how to deal with that. but he's got to deal with the whole truth. and unfortunately, we get pieces like you said, a few minutes ago and we don't get all of it. and all of it says that, again, 17 witnesses. >> yes. >> all called by issa. i didn't call these witnesses. these are some of them republicans too who said there
1:20 pm
was no political motivation, the white house was not involved whatsoever. >> congressman, this is consistent with this man's lifetime biography. and we've just witnessed months of wasted money and time on pointless pursuits that he has an agenda on. so let's talk about something that is actually substantive. and that is voting rights. >> yes. >> do you have any faith, sir, that your congress can pass a transportation bill to keep our roads safe, can pass a new voting rights act that would pass muster with the supreme court? >> i think we can do it. i think there are some people on the other side, congressman sensenbrenner and we've got some senators who are interested in making this happen. the democrats are certainly interested in making it happen. we've got to go ahead and do it. what i'm afraid of is that we'll talk, talk, talk and not get it done. i know john lewis is working hard on it, clyburn, leader
1:21 pm
clyburn, too. so many others. so i have faith that we're going to get it done. i think it's going to be challenging, but i think we'll get it done. >> congressman elia cummings. i would encourage viewers to read is your op-ed because the truth is found therein. coming up a live report from martha's vineyard where the living is easy and apparently free. >> i've been going to martha's vineyard forever. i went there when it was like poor people on the island. i remember president clinton went up there, as well. the reason they go is because a lot of big dems up there that will own huge estates and they stay for free. that's why the president's going, right? >> well, they don't actually stay for free, bill. let's get the ball rolling. in houston, coca-cola's club balón rojo, is kicking off fun and fitness on and off the field, with the help of soccer stars.
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the first family is continuing to enjoy a much needed vacation on martha's
1:25 pm
vineyard. today and today's breaking news concerns onion rings, friday oysters and french fries. joining us is white house correspondent kristen welker who joins us live from martha's vineyard. the first family went out for lunch and while i prefer my oysters fresh and raw, the president apparently likes them fried. is that right? >> well, it appears so, martin. i mean, he had a lot of fried food today. he got as you mentioned fried shrimp, oysters is, on young rings and french fries to top it off. my big question of the day is, did the first lady sign off on that meal? we all know how health conscious she is. he played a game of basketball afterward so perhaps aiming to work off some of that fried food. perfect though, martin for today. it's been raining all day. that type of foot is definitely very welcome. this is also a working vacation. and i can tell you that the president's planning to take a bus tour next week. so plans are in motion for that.
1:26 pm
we're learning new details about that will bus tour, martin, which is specifically where he's going to be going according to officials familiar with the trip. the president will be heading to upstate new york and making a couple of stops, buffalo, syracuse, bighamton, the associated press reporting he'll also stop in scranton, white house won't confirm those stops though. we should say that. this is a part of his larger economy tour that he has been taking. he's already made five stops and one white house official tells me he will unveil a new proposal when he hits the road next week. martin? >> kristen welker from restaurants to politics. thank you so much. the day's top lines are coming up. and leave it to anthony wien to spill the beans. >> is human ma still working on the can campaign? >> she's helping? out every day. >> do you know what her role in hillary's 2016 campaign is going to be? >> i do. >> and what will it be? >> i'm not telling you.
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extreme scare tactics, here are today's "top lines." are you sure this place is honest? >> while we may and certainly will debate amongst ourselves about the role and size of government. >> all powerful central government, an assault on individual liberty. >> americans of every party and stripe cherish government of the people, by the people, and for the people. >> more and bigger control over our lives by higher levels of government. >> sweeping effort across our country who obstruct new obstacles to voting >> i'm governor pat mccrory. >> i an phantom epidemic of election fraud. >> many from the extreme left are using scare tactics.
1:31 pm
>> not every obstacle is related to race. >> most racist people. >>. >> but anyone who says that racial discrimination is no longer a problem in american elections. >> you need a photo i.d. to board an airplane, to cash a check. >> let's be honest. >> are you sure this place is honest. >> they hate children. they want dirty air and water. >> as honest as the day is long. >> victims and perpetrators of crime are disproportionately young minority men. >> i've experienced stop and frisk all over the world. >> we go to where the reports of crime are. >> because you live in a poor neighborhood, it is it your fault. >> i worry for my kids and i worry for your kids. >> there's a fairly simple solution. stop and frisk some white people. >> i worry for you and for me. >> none of us would put up with it. >> those men wanted to have sex with me. >> are you thinking of running for president. >> obama should have been beaten. >> you won't tell anybody if i tell you? >> hillary will be tough to beat. >> the party an is ready for
1:32 pm
something different. >> is huma still working on the campaign. >> we need more brown people, black people. >> do you know what the role is going to be. >> i do. >> with tattoos, be with ties without tattoos. >> get your patchouli stink out of my store. >> what will it be? i'm not telling you. >> let's get right to our panel. joining us now is frank aruter of the atlantic and ryan grimm of the "huffington post." ryan is, anthony weiner says his wife will be working on mrs. clinton's presidential campaign which i'm sure both of them appreciated him saying that. meanwhile, mrs. clinton comes out with this blistering condemnation of restrictive voting laws like the one in north carolina signed yesterday. is this what her presidential campaign is going to be about, do you think? >> well, i mean, the voting rights speech is of a piece with what is democrats have been doing for the last couple of cycles. . they've been aided by republicans in that.
1:33 pm
namely, that's a stirup fear that republicans are trying to suppress the vote and particularly the minority vote. it helps democrats that that charge happens to be quite true. and so finally though, they have a real issue that is driving people to the polls. because people aren't necessarily voting because they think there will be dramatic change because they vote. but they're voting as an end in itself. you know, they're voting to express that basic right that was won through the civil rights movement. and so hillary is no fool. she's going to capitalize on that energy as much as she possibly canning >> maggie of politico has a story out today about mrs. clinton and her new role in the clinton family foundation. she points out the foundation provides mrs. clinton with a formal apparatus at a time when she has no government staff structure. for the first time in decades. so is this foundation going to serve as a vehicle, do you think, for her presidential run? is that it?
1:34 pm
>> well, i mean legally it cannot be a vehicle for her run. but certainly can be a forum and give her a home base for you know, doing her speeches and maybe some message a, for her staffers to land as they wait for there to be a form it will presidential vehicle, absolutely. >> ryan, when you peer inside the clown car that's full of potential republican nominees, the great rand paul, ted cruz, the whack cobirds as it were, doesn't that make it a much easier case both for mrs. clinton and the democrats as a whole? because you and i, you know, followed the 2012 campaign in some detail and were astonished by the rank ignorance of people ranging from herman kaine to rick perry but we're seeing already some even more stupid things being said in preparation i guess for 2016. >> i don't think there's any question about that. hillary clinton would like to be president. we can start all of our
1:35 pm
speculation based on that fact. now, the question is does she want to be president enough to go through a campaign. >> does she think she can win one? so if you have this, what did you say, clown car that she's running the race against. >> you can use other analogies, group of dunnederheads and dull lards, incompetent buffoons. you choose. there are plenty of descriptions. >> if she looks across the track and that's the car she sees, then it does certainly make her more likely to want to run the race if she thinks it's going to be that much easier for her to win. >> garance, one of the things people have said in the past is that it's axiomatic that the democratic party was the one that was disorganized, dysfunctional, at war with itself. how have republicans now taken on that marvelous reputation? >> you're quite right. the democrats are going into 2016 with hillary clinton as the
1:36 pm
prohibitive favorite. nate silver said she's basically the strongest nonincumbent democrat ever. at least when it comes to getting her party's nomination. it's completely open on the republican side at this point. you have people around from last time who would like to run again, maybe santorum, maybe trump. you have the pundits from the senate, rubio, rand paul, and ted cruz who are outthere all the time with very loud and noisy messages but not maybe doing as much in the senate. then you have some governors who may be a little bit quieter and i think could be formidable, as well. >> right. okay. a final question then and starting with you, garance. do you think vice president joe biden will enter this race? >> well, his visit to the steak fry doesn't seem to be to be suggesting very much. he spent more time in iowa than anyone at the last cycle. it really didn't do him any
1:37 pm
good. but he's a sitting vice president. and this is as close as he's going to get to a chance to run. >> finally ryan to you, briefly, if you can. do you think the vice president jumps in? >> i think we give too much credit to the people themselves to answer that question. we shouldn't -- i don't think we should wait for them to say whether or not they're running. we can look at their behavior and decide whether or not they're running. and based on their behavior, hillary clinton and joe biden are both running for president. to my mind, they are running for president until they say they're not. as long as they're traveling to iowa and new hampshire and talking to donors and establishing campaigns and raising money, they're running for president no matter what they say. >> ryan grimm and gra gans franke-ruta, thank you so much. coming up, the deep financial impact of american's prison industrial complex. are we close to unlocking a solution? we'll talk to dr. jeffrey sacks in a moment. good job!
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widespread incarceration at the federal, state and local level is both ineffective and unsustainable. it imposes a significant economic burden. >> that was the attorney general on tuesday explaining the moral and economic reasons for reducing mandatory minimum sentences for some drug offenses. in fact, they're interchangeable. according to the congressional research office, spending per federal inmate increases by a third to $26,000 in the first decade. compare that to what we spend on each student in this country, about $11,000. as well as what we spend per teacher compared to the rest of the developed world. it soon becomes obvious why the attorney general is pressing to reform drug sentencing policy for the good of the nation. joining us now is professor
1:42 pm
jeffrey sachs, director of the earth institute at columbia university and author of a new book "to move the world jfk's quest for peace." good afternoon, professor. >> how are you? >> we've known for some time that many re-sidism and the questionable effect afc incarceration haven't helped us with dealing with criminality. but do you think that the economic argument is the one that's going to finally break the prison industrial complex in this nation. >> first what the attorney general did yesterday is historic i think. it's only the beginning, but it is a break-through desperately needed. we have had al absolutely crazy policy in this country of locking up people for years for petty crimes at best and we very an incarceration rate that is completely incomparable with any other place in the whole world more than 2 million people in prison. and breaking up families,
1:43 pm
insuring that young kids are growing up without fathers, racist, stupid, ineffective and yesterday was historic for the first time, someone's talking honestly about this. this will be one of the most important things done by the obama administration. i really applaud the attorney general. >> you really believe that, one of the most important? >> absolutely. unfortunately they haven't done a lot of important things in other areas they should. but this is critical. this was such a good speech, so clear, so direct, so much to the point, we have blown it in this country. it started out as a racist idea 40 years ago when we starred this war on crime. we're going to arrest a lot of and incarcerate a lot of young african-american men. it got completely out of control. one of the things that happened on the economics is that we did something that no other country and no other civilized country would do. we privatized the prison system. >> that was a bracelet maneuver. >> we created a lobby to lock
1:44 pm
people up to the point where these private prison corporations have in their prospectuses the corporate risk there could be an easing of the laws exactly what was proposed yesterday. these lobbies are going to fight this. it we're not going to have the occupicy rates like the hotels insisting that the government put people into the hotels. it's the private prisons insisting we fill up their prisons. it's obscene. and the attorney general got it just right. now, there's more to have go because as many people pointed out, marijuana has been part of this locking up people unbelievable what they've been doing, and that's still a policy that the administration has to take on. but this was a big step yesterday. >> do you think that this executive action by the attorney general flnl effect be opposed by local states? >> it's going to be opposed by lots of vested interests as it always is in this country and money matter ises is because people are making money on this, the private prisons and the
1:45 pm
wardens and others and so, of course, this is going to be opposed. but this was talking straight and honest. i loved it. >> professor jeffrey sachs, i wish we had more time. we only dealt with one of the issues i wanted to talk about. you'll have to deal with the issue of income inequality very soon. coming up, race relations and plantation politics in america. when is enough finally enough? ♪ [ male announcer ] clearly this isn't one of those speed-eating contests. that's a hebrew national hot dog. a kosher hot dog. that means we're extra choosy about the cuts of beef that meet our higher kosher standards. and only a good, old-fashioned slow-motion bite is gonna capture all that kosher delight. and when your hot dog's kosher, that's a hot dog you can trust.
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>> many media and politicians don't care enough about the issue to be honest about it. the industry is in it for the money and power and the far left refuses to confront the basic problem because it does not fit their ideology. thus, nothing gets done. and racial divisions grow wider. >> we're always grateful when an
1:49 pm
oracle stoops down and offers his insights into the complexity of race relations in america. and then we have mr. bill o'reilly. during yet another mad monday segment, mr. o'reilly decided to go beyond blaming african-american communities for every urban failing abadded a new attack on the media for failing to cover both sides when it comes to of racial violence. >> few national media even cover the story because it was blacks attacking a white. in the wake of trayvon martin, if it had been three white boys attacking a black, there would sue been massive media coverage. >> can you imagine how angry he would have been if george zimmerman had been found guilty? for more, i'm joined by contributor goldie taylor and the director of african nap studies as the lehigh university, professor james peterson. professor peterson, he says there's not enoughnous coverage of african-americans attacking whites. all we've had for the last three
1:50 pm
months has been african-americans portray the as criminals, thugs, delinquents. i'm only surprised they haven't blamed dr. horace raines for the sinking of the titanic. >> yeah, you know, i have very little patience for this kind of misdirection what i think are some of the most important actions that we must take to address racial injustices and racial inequality in our society. at the end of the day, it always comes down to these kind of folk like o'reilly comparing apples to oranges. this particular case he's referencing, one please note the three young men have been charged and they're allegedly will end up in an adult court for those crimes. and so that's part of the reason why that this didn't make national news. some of the things he's trying to compare it to like zimmerman or the trayvon martin situation, remember mr. zimmerman was not
1:51 pm
arrested for 44, 45 days. we couldn't get the wheels of justice to turn on his behalf. you put that in the context of stand your ground and other issues in terms of racial bias and things like stop and frisk, all of that stuff, that weighs into those kinds of situations and that's why you get that kind of response. to compare this particular incident doesn't make a lot of sense. >> it's also inaccurate. goldie, why are these people so angry? we've had the re-emergence of trump and his birtherism nonsense, video this week after i rodeo clown dressed as the president, racial epithets thrown at the president in arizona. aren't they satisfied their pure rile racism is still alive and well in america. >> is i really wish i could explain it, but it does boil down to this. each of us carries with us a cultural lens that allows us to see or not see things that are pervasive in our society. and so bill o'reilly doesn't
1:52 pm
have the same socialization as i may have. he sees these issues play themselves out in a very different way. some people may call that privilege. i do. i think that will bill o'reilly does not have to see some of the injustices that are perpetrated across this country, especially in terms of communities of color or poor economically distressed communities because he doesn't have" to live them. so he can sit on his perch and make these unfounded attacks without really any backlash from anyone other than us. but to make popular media the culprit in this i think really takes it just a bridge or a step too far. anyone who speaks about racial injustice must then be a racist themselves. i find that argument sort of faulty on its face and refuse to engage in it most of the time. >> yet, the reality is, professor peterson, it has to be engaged because otherwise, these untruths continue to take on
1:53 pm
myth thick status and people end up believing that trayvon chased george zimmerman or provoked this incident. do you know what i'm saying? there is a necessity to get to the truth as you just elucidated in the case mr. o'reilly was referencing. if we don't do that, these stories take on a legend of their own. >> it is important to do that. i worry that there's not enough cross pollination between the audiences to kind of correct some of the damage and corrosive nature of these kinds of comments. just to boil down what's at stake here, a lot of folk like bill o'reilly or people who think like him want to sort of tidy up all of our racial problems along the lines win the discussions of behavior and the kinds of choices that black people and people of color make but they never want to talking about structural issues, they never want to talk about poverty. >> institutional racism. >> they never want to talk
1:54 pm
income inequality. they never want to talk about -- >> educational opportunity. >> or biases in terms of housing. exactly. we can't have a conversation because we're having two different conversations and that's unfortunate. >> professor james peterson, and goldie taylor, thank you so much. >> thanks for having us. we'll be right back.
1:55 pm
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but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the busses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution to the earth. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment. >> it's time now to clear the air. and although he's won two presidential elections in unequivocal terms, some republicans continue to find the presence of mr. obama in the white house to be simply too much to bear. last weekend at the family leadership summit in iowa, we had to retread through the swamp of racist horse mature that continues to be laid by onen donald trump. >> was there a birth
1:58 pm
certificate? you tell me. some people say that was not his birth certificate. >> now we have a member of congress who is without specifying a single charge believes the house of representatives could impeach the current president. >> i'll give you a real frank answer about that. if we were to impeach the president tomorrow, you could probably get the votes in the house of representatives to do it. >> but if mr. farenthold is really concerned about holding wrongdoers to account, then he should look no further than the governor of north carolina, mr. pat mccrory because yesterday, mr. mccrory did something criminal to the rights of voters in his state. he signed into law a series of measures that will force voters to present government issued photo identification. a law that will shorten early voting from 17 to ten days and which will end same day registration and a high school civics program that used to register tens of thousands of students in advance of their 18th birthday.
1:59 pm
governor mccrory knows exactly what he's doing because these measures are designed to have disproportionately target people who voted for this president. and they are criminal. the reverend william barber, president of the state chapter of the naacp said this of governor mccrory's actions. it it is trample ling on the blood, sweat and tears of the martyrs, black and white, who fought for voting rights in this country." this is the third stage in republican objections to the current president. they said he was disqualified because he wasn't born here, but that wasn't true. they'd like to impeach him but he's done nothing that rises to the required level of wrongdoing. and so they can't throw him out of office. but now comes their most pernicious and arguably most destructive strategy. how about preventing people from voting for the man in the first place. it's election fraud, all right. not by the people, but by the
2:00 pm
governor himself. thank you so much for watching this afternoon. "hardball" is next. >> voter i.d. laws, a solution in search of a problem. let's play "hardball." \s>> good evening oop i'm michael smerconish. leading off tonight, carolina on our minds. yesterday, the governor of north carolina, republican pat mccrory signed one of the most sweeping is voting reform bills we've seen yet. seven weeks after the supreme court crippled parts of the voting rights act which required states with a history of discrimination to preclearance by the justice department, governor mccrory and his republican legislature leaped at the opportunity to institute strict voting changes. now, this bill doesn't stop at merely requiring a government i.d. to


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